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Firefly: The Board Game

Firefly: The Board Game

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Find a Crew! Find a Job! Keep Flying! Aim to Misbehave! Captain a Firefly-class starship trolling the `Verse, avoiding Alliance interference and dodging Reaver attacks in this board game adaptation of Joss Whedon`s critically acclaimed, fan-favorite television series, Firefly.

Extra Info

Category: Movies / TV / Radio theme Science Fiction Space Exploration
Time: 120 mins
Designer: Aaron Dill John Kovaleski Sean Sweigart
PrimaryName: Firefly the Board Game
Players: 1-4
Year: 2013
Artist: Charles Woods
Product Title: Firefly the Board Game
Family: FireFly
Ages: 13+
Publisher: Battlefront Miniatures Ltd Gale Force Nine, LLC